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Completing Nkaitole’s Bucket List

August 29, 2013

In Kenya, there is a 1 in 5 chance of a child dying before the age of 5 due to water-borne illnesses.

To make people aware of this, Water Is Life – a charity whose vision is to “bring clean water to those in need, saving lives and transforming communities” – created a deeply moving and engaging film showcasing a little boy fulfil his life’s dreams.

Nkaitole is almost 5, and lives in a small Kenyan village. Because there’s a 1 in 5 chance he won’t make it to his fifth birthday, Water Is Life took him all around the country and helped him to complete his bucket list – from playing football in a national stadium, to seeing the sea for the first time. This advert is a heart-warming yet heart-wrenching tale of one little boy’s adventure, its positivity working to penetrate deep into the viewer’s emotions, and in doing so expose the sadness and seriousness of the message it carries.

Nkaitole’s story is part of a campaign that follows the #FirstWorldProblems advert (that can be seen below too) which took a much more cynical angle. As Haitians read out #FirstWorldProblem tweets, their trivial nature was highlighted, guilt tripping viewers into caring about issues more important than their phone charger not reaching the bed.

Who knows which is more effective – they will affect and effect different people in different ways. However, it is clear that both have a hard-hitting impact, prompting people to take a minute out of their busy lives and think about the bigger picture.

Representing so much more than just one boy doing some cool stuff, this is a beautifully moving video that will certainly make you think.

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